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The Jesus Discovery

A startling new book that will revolutionise your understanding of Jesus 'The Man'. Discover Jesus as the Jewish man his contemporaries knew him to be.

“After 2000 years is there anything new to reliably say about Jesus Christ?”

In his new book, ‘The Jesus Discovery  -  Another Look At Christ’s Missing Years’, Dr A.T. Bradford takes an in-depth, fresh and original look at several first century manuscripts and arrives at a startling hypothesis for the identity of the man known as Jesus Christ, one completely in keeping with the Biblical texts but which elevates Christ to one of the highest places in Jewish first century life.

This discovery sheds new and significant light on the Gospel’s account of the life of the single most important figure in human history.

In his introduction to the book Dr Bradford writes, “It is the intention of this book to explore Jesus Christ’s identity from the perspective of his contemporaries and how they related to him, and by building upon the first century manuscript eye-witness and canonical accounts of Christ to see whether, perhaps, he was more than simply an uneducated itinerant teacher.”

The Jesus Discovery’ is possibly the most important writing about Christ's humanity since the New Testament was translated from the Greek - Premier Radio

Dr Adam Bradford is a medical doctor, trained in the study of human psychology, who has been a Bible student for decades. His insightful Bible teaching is very popular and he has a gift of interpreting scripture in a clear and accessible way that enables his listeners to apply scriptural truths to their lives.

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“A facinating read - worth reading.”

R T Kendall
Tennessee, USA

“Could it be possible that the world has lost sight of who the man Jesus really was?”

New book by Dr Adam Bradford published 26 July 2011 -  Out of the dark woods - Dylan, Depression and Faith

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The Jesus Discovery (Adam Bradford 22/08/2010)

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Biographical Note

'I found your book quite outstanding, one of the most important I have read in years. It reveals what is already there in the text of the Gospels so that the person of Jesus shines out in a much richer way than I had thought possible. Please accept my heartfelt thanks.'

Fr Mike Gwinnell
Harvesters Ministry

"Dr. Bradford blew my mind... you don't want to miss it. We must discover things. God says 'I have hidden things for you, not from you'"

Louis Els

Church of the Nations

“The most interesting book that I have read in years”


Christian songwriter, author and Deacon of Chichester Cathedral

'I appreciate the work you have done in helping us understand the humanity of our Lord.'

Dr David Shibley Global Advance

'I must say an enormous thank you to you for your book 'The Jesus Discovery'. I loved it. I thought the way in which you marshalled the evidence was brilliant and as I read it I began to think to myself - this answers so many questions in my head about Jesus and the way in which he was treated by the establishment. And of course their venom against him is easy to understand if you see Jesus as the 'Golden Boy' of that generation of Temple scholars. So a huge thank you to you.'
Rev Eric Delve
People Without Limits

Spanish Edition, recently published

Wisdom on Depression
Dr Adam Bradford speaks on
Ecclesiastes & Clinical Depression
at Emmanuel Church London

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Detling 2014

Dr Bradford spoke in a series of seminars at the Detling Summer Celebration, “Fearless & Free” in August 2014. His material was based on his latest book, “The Medical Gospel of Luke”, and covered topics such as “Who was Theophilus?”, “Mary, Luke’s Eye Witness”, “Jesus, didaskalos”, Jesus’ Rabbinic Humour” and “Dr Luke, Man of Medicine”.

Audio recordings are available from Essential Christian
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Dr Bradford’s new book is now available

The Medical Gospel of Luke
As told to him by Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Read about it in Daily Mail

Available from Templehouse Publishing

Hungarian Edition, published 2011

Comments following Dr Bradford’s teaching at Holy Rood Church, Fareham in April 2014 entitled, “ Jesus - Tekton & Didaskalos”

'As western educated Christians we tend to see Jesus in scripture with a modern mindset.  We lack an understanding of the contemporary Jewish context, Torah teachings and their application as well as customs of the day. In the 2 sessions on Jesus Didaskalos and Tekton, Dr Bradford, as a Jewish Christian, was able to impart fresh insight to scripture giving us a greater understanding and thus relevance within the culture of the time of Jesus. As a consequence we were left with a desire to understand more of the Jewish basis of our faith and to share this with others.'


Ian Cross
Fareham, Hampshire

'A number of people spoke to me following the talks (on Jesus' Jewish humanity), saying how much they had appreciated Dr Bradford’s visit; he presented the material and answered questions in a scholarly, logical and very compelling way, but also with great humility. The general consensus was why have we not heard this before and when can he come back?'

Roy Spiller
Holy Rood Anglican Church, Stubbington

Jesus - Didaskalos

Jesus - Tekton

Watch videos of Dr Bradford speaking at
Holy Rood Church, Stubbington

Dr Bradford signing books at Detling

Dr Bradford appeared at the Kent Bible Week at Detling for the fourth consecutive year in August 2013. The teaching (on faith, hope and love) is available at Essential Christian

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Detling 2013

Once again Dr Bradford enthralled his audience at Detling with fresh insight into Luke’s gospel and his encyclopedic knowledge of scripture, Jewish history and the  culture of biblical times. His latest book, “The Medical Gospel of Luke”, is a must for those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the New Testament.  

Mike Leader
Charlton & Blackheath
Christian Fellowship; Ecumenical Borough Dean in the Royal Borough of Greenwich

"I went to the seminars that Dr Adam Bradford put on at Detling 2014 and I found each one fascinating.  They really were so interesting and I learnt so much.  I have bought most of the books that he has published as I can carefully read them in my own time and pass them to others.  Books very easy to read – you won’t be able to put them down.  Dr Bradford is so passionate about knowing what is written in the language of the time.  The correct translation puts a whole new perspective to what is written in the bible”

 E Margrave


Comments following Dr Bradford’s teaching in Portsmouth in October 2014

'Today’s society is vastly different from  New Testament Times, In addition we lack a clear understanding of Jewish Law (Torah) and how this influenced Jewish Society and customs in Jesus time. Dr Bradford, with his Jewish/Christian background was able to give a contextual understanding of scripture. He highlighted those small, but clearly recorded details Christians so easily gloss over but which help to explain significant events. Dr Bradford has an authoritative style of presentation which is easy to receive.'

Ian Cross

'Dr Bradford - an excellent teacher.' Havant

'Thank you Dr Bradford - such a mentally stimulating presenter.'

'Thank you for a very interesting seminar.'

'Thank you, it’s given me a deeper understanding of the New Testament Origins.'

'Thank You, Dr Bradford, you have really opened up the Bible for me today - very informative.'

'Thank you for deepening my knowledge of scripture through these talks.'

'Dr Bradford makes a compelling case for his views which are difficult to refute - very thought provoking.'