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Dr Bradford is a medical doctor and a biblical historian. His work connecting Joseph, Jesus’ adoptive father, with Josephus Flavius’ description of the construction of the Second Temple by King Herod the Great has been translated into 8 languages. He is the author of 7 books, including 3 New Testament commentaries.

He is a Jewish-Christian and brings an understanding of the Jewish mind to the language of the New Testament, as well as a grasp of human behavioural psychology, enabling him to get beneath the surface of the Biblical human narrative.

His first book, ‘The New Testament On Women’, broke new ground in depicting the importance

from a Hebrew perspective of woman being God’s final creative act, as well as the significance

of the use of human DNA as the raw material, compared with the ‘dust of the earth’ that Adam

had been made from. It also showed how Paul and Peter’s teaching exactly mirrored Christ’s.

His second book, ‘The Jesus Discovery’, placed Joseph as a devout Jewish ‘tekton’, at the centre

of King Herod’s training of 1000 Jewish Priests as tektons (Josephus’ ‘Antiquities’), necessary for

the construction of the new Holy Place within the existing Court of the Priests. It underlined the

use of ‘dikaios’ within the society’s framework of the Oral Law, indicating that Joseph had been

rabbinically instructed. Furthermore, it pointed out the legal duty of the Doctors of the Law

(whom Jesus so impressed at age 12) to bring Jesus into rabbinic scholarship, thereby explaining

his re-appearance in a teaching capacity at age 30. It also pointed to the swing from great

respect (illustrated by Temple debate) to great spite (slapping and spitting) after the conviction

for blasphemy as depicting the psychology of betrayal, consistent with Jesus having been a

person of great importance in that society. This allows the prophecy that the Messiah would be

a ‘prophet like Moses’ to be seen as fulfilled in regard to Moses’ high degree of formal learning.

His third book, ‘According To Matthew’, is a verse by verse commentary on Matthew’s Gospel

covering such points as the brain disease that King Herod suffered from, who the Magi were and

why they behaved as they did, and the exact nature of ‘the treasure hidden in the field’.

His fourth book, ‘Dylan, Depression And Faith’, is an evangelistic analysis of over 200 Bible

references in the lyrics of Bob Dylan after his so-called ‘Christian phase’, from 1983 to present

day. It also evidences a post-divorce depressive illness responsible for only one original album

being released in a 10 year period in the 90’s, and for that album’s title, ‘Time Out Of Mind’.

His fifth book, ‘The Letter To The Hebrews’, is a verse by verse commentary on the book of

Hebrews, illustrating (among other things) the application of how the Jewish proverb that ‘he

who builds the house has more honour than the house’ applies to Jesus, and the writer’s use of

‘homologeô’ (‘to speak the same thing’) and its connection to the practical out-working of faith.

His sixth book, 'Adam - Sinner or Saint? Another Look At The Fall' examines Romans 5:14 and Adam as a 'type' of Christ in the context of the Fall.

His seventh book, 'The Medical Gospel Of Luke - As Told To Him By Mary, The Mother Of Jesus' is a 451 page verse-by verse commentary on Luke's Gospel. It presents ten fresh perspectives on Luke and has been described as 'masterful' by two professorial reviewers.

Dr Bradford has ministered at Christian conferences in the UK, the USA and New Zealand. He is

also an NHS Commissioner for the London Borough of Southwark, and a sport’s doctor to

Blackheath Rugby Club, the world’s oldest open rugby club. He is married to Gloria, a sign

language interpreter, with four grown-up children, all with active faith.

Testimonials include Dr R T Kendall (‘Fascinating. Worth reading’), Rev Eric Delve (‘I thought the

way in which you marshalled the evidence was brilliant. It answers so many questions in my

head about Jesus and the way in which he was treated by the establishment’), Fr Mike Gwinnell

(‘I found your book quite outstanding, one of the most important I have read in years. The

person of Jesus shines out in a much richer way than I had thought possible’), and Rev A Alfriyie

(‘I thought your seminar was outstanding. There was so much new material in it. Many people

were blessed by it’).

Dr Bradford has appeared on Revelation TV and Premier Radio in the UK, Rhema Christian Radio

in New Zealand and a number of Christian Radio stations in the USA. He is available for teaching

and may be contacted via Templehouse Publishing, at Mp3s

and video links of teaching and interviews may be accessed from the home page.

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